Welcome to Internet home of Amateur Radio station WU2X!  My name is Scott McClements. I was born in 1974, in Washington, PA (outside of Pittsburgh). In 1998, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I moved to Poughkeepsie, New York in 1999 to work as a Software Engineer.

I first discovered the radio hobby in 1987 when some high school friends and I hooked up the base station Citizens Band (CB) antennas (circa 1977) that we discovered on our roofs and were able to communicate with one another over 10 miles! I have been hooked ever since. After ~15 years of being an active shortwave listener (mainly on the "Ham" bands)
and a CB operator, I finally went for my first license in 2006. After two trips to the ARRL headquarters in March/April 2006, I am very happy to have obtained my Amateur Extra class license. I was issued the callsign "KC2PIH" which I quickly traded in for the vanity callsign "WU2X".

Please have a look around my website. I plan to keep it up to date as possible with interesting radio projects that I have and am currently working on. I am not much into contesting, I do some DXing and rag chewing. I spend most of my time trying to improve my station through affordable, educational and experimental "upgrades". 

My main interest has been and more than likely will always be antennas. Its the point where the true "magic" of radio occurs. I have more recently become interested in Software Defined Radios. I think its a great time to be a radio amateur! 

73 ,

Scott, WU2X

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